The digital storm - Driver for industrial transformation

It’s no longer a question of what technology can do for us, but also what should we allow technology to do,” Nicklas Bergman.

Industry leaders, future influencers and top speakers gather together to discuss and challenge the current business norms when facing the new digital era 8 April 2016 09:00-12:30EET at Kalmar office in Tampere. Registration for the seminar is closed. 

How to be prepared for the inevitable?

Taneli Tikka, Head of Industrial Internet start-up, Tieto, will describe what digitalisation means in industrial context and how it shapes the industries. It’s no longer a question if we should take a step into digitalisation. Digitalisation is here. How to transform your business to stay competitive and leader in the changing landscape? How to build ecosystems and be as agile as a start-ups?

Intelligent cargo handling - a huge efficiency improvement opportunity

Mika Vehviläinen, CEO at Cargotec, explains how Cargotec is responding to the inevitable and how Cargotec transforms to take the leading position in intelligent cargo handling. The rules of the game are changing, how are we changing?

The future is not what it used to be - what to expect?

Nicklas Bergman, Entrepreneur, Technology investor and Futurist, acts as a guide to combine future business and technology. How future and technological development will affect us as individuals, corporations and society as a whole?

Seminar ends with a panel discussion, hosted by Soili Mäkinen, CIO at Cargotec, around the transformation. Panelists: Taneli Tikka,Tieto; Mika Vehviläinen, Cargotec; Jukka Lindström, Cargotec; Nicklas Bergman; Tommi Pettersson, Kalmar.

Seminar speakers and panelists:

Taneli Tikka

Taneli is  a serial entrepreneur who has worked in several start-up firms and listed companies and has been widely recognised for his expertise in finance and information technology. Currently he serves as the Head of Industrial Internet at Tieto Corporation. As a board director or advisor he has worked with more than 30 companies, including MTV3 media group, Kemppi, Stardoll, Applifier (Everyplay), Web of Trust, Umbra Software, BrandMNGR, Netcycler (, Transfluent, Solu Machines, FoilChat and PackageMedia. @tanelitikka

Nicklas Bergman

Serial entrepreneur, Technology investor, Futurism Researcher, speaker and writer. Nicklas has for more than 20 years worked as a serial entrepreneur, technology investor and futurist focusing mostly on investments and business development in emerging markets, web services, nanotechnology, computing, new materials and new media art, currently through roughly 20 direct and indirect technology investments. He is the co-founder and largest investor in several companies. Nicklas is also Scandinavian advisor to the TechCast Technology Think Tank in Washington DC, to understand where we are heading, and if society will be able to handle the upcoming technology revolution. @ncklsbrgmn

Mika Vehviläinen

Mika Vehviläinen (M.Sc. , Econ.) is the CEO of Cargotec. Previously he was the President and CEO of Finnair Plc. Mika has held several senior leadership positions at Nokia Siemens Networks and Nokia Networks in Europe, Asia and the United States. He has strong experience in sales, marketing, strategic leadership and business development. Mika holds also position as Vice Chairman of the Board at Elisa Corporation. @MikaVehvilainen

Jukka Lindström

Jukka Lindström (M.Sc. , Computer Science) is the Vice President, Digital Transformation at Cargotec. He has over  10 years’ experience as a change catalyst, coach and a leader in transformations towards business and development agility. @jukka_lindstrom

Tommi Pettersson

Tommi Pettersson (M.Sc. , Eng.), is the Vice President  Automation at Kalmar. He has strong experience in software and hardware development, automation project management and project sales as well as related business model development.

Soili Mäkinen

Soili Mäkinen (M.Sc. , Econ.)is the Chief Information Officer of Cargotec and member of the Extended Executive Board. She has been working at Cargotec since 1993. Soili has strong experience in developing and implementing global IM strategies, business support systems in a global environment. Soili is also member of Board of Directors at Enfo. @SoiliMakinen